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Friday, July 31, 2009

From Twitter 07-31-2009

  • 00:43:50: @singulino there's a terrific search engine nowadays called "Google". Its 1st entry on [ GEAS ] will take you to a Wikipedia article on it.
  • 00:44:49: @nrrspeakeasy that's really sweet of you.
  • 00:48:41: @chosha sure. Order it in paperback from the UK, or get the US audio book.
  • 00:52:53: @amandapalmer You know, you should probably have someone who can cook around. And rub your neck. Just saying.
  • 00:59:00: @amandapalmer I meant me, by the way. I didn't mean that you should now advertise for a chef and neckrubber. In case you were wondering. Me.
  • 00:59:54: @Knittress in the old days, if I didn't write, my family didn't eat or have a place to live. It concentrated the mind wonderfully.
  • 01:01:51: @MitzyG I know. It's one of the good things in the world. And I didn't mind you volunteering at all.
  • 01:03:44: @gerriet I was talking about @birdchick, I'm afraid. She's not me.
  • 01:13:52: @xchewtoyx yup. We chatted about it earlier this evening on Twitter. I don't think it'll matter.
  • 01:19:02: @ishtefh not sure what your question is? Is it why there isn't an award for novels in the Phil graphic/fiction awards?
  • 01:19:35: @mrsftv I've lost track. I was going to get you the original of the Waterstones one wasn't I?
  • 01:48:12: @ishtefh we don't do it every year.
  • 04:41:30: @mrtonylee No. She couldn't. Not even if she tried with both hands.
  • 04:42:47: @habituario I don't think I should wish @kraunik, happy birthday. Making people explode is wrong.
  • 04:56:59: @sarahjpin glad we made you smile. Or at least stop crying.
  • 14:18:13: @mrseb I miss her already.
  • 14:24:23: Time for a #followfriday: @feliciaday is so nice, @sarajbenincasa so inappropriate, @sxipshirey so musical, @evandorkin so, um Evan Dorkin.
  • 15:25:11: There are 75 copies of the Subterranean Press edition of Songs of Dying Earth left. If you need one, order now:
  • 15:29:41: @GinaGlenn remind me next thursday then. And congratulations.
  • 15:30:06: @andreastart yup. Although this being Twitter you can ask him yourself.
  • 15:32:17: @faeryqueen21 the illustrations to the Graveyard Book are all on the Kindle edition.
  • 15:40:42: RT I'm in @EllenKushner: Last day to *guarantee* yr name printed in INTERFICTIONS 2 as Sponsor w/donation of $200+
  • 15:48:55: I think I accidentally became a pundit. But it's really just me burbling about vampires, so that's all right:
  • 16:10:25: @gulliverbear it means that if I do, it won't be any more a vampire book than The Graveyard Book was.
  • 16:12:40: Worth pointing out that that's an edited down 40 minute conversation. Many other vampiric things were spoken of that aren't in EW article.
  • 16:22:30: @michaelsheen @maudelynn After the Best Gadget, and Deepest Cover Awards ("Paris Hilton - No-one suspects you!") comes the Spy Of The Year.
  • 16:23:32: @lunggwai nope. They are on the recording device of the lady from EW who interviewed me.
  • 16:27:35: @ChristophGolden or the cowboy novel.
  • 16:30:44: @michaelsheen and when one of them actually takes the award, it explodes...
  • 16:57:36: @michaelsheen I think only master spies would survive the trip from their chair to the stage. You'd win if you snaffled the award anyway.
  • 17:15:22: @koko_mo definitely @michaelsheen. I'd fool nobody. Whereas Michael has been working for the Welsh Secret service for years, unsuspected.
  • 17:16:26: @michaelsheen and replaced it with something filled with cyanide gas....
  • 17:17:11: @marcbernardin if you do, and put it up let me know and I'll link to it and make people happy.
  • 17:30:55: @jkahane1 hardcover, illustrated. Signed by us all. I think those last 75 may have gone now though.
  • 17:33:03: Absolutely amazing (honest) piece by Henry Selick on CORALINE movie. I was, it seems, nearly cast as the cat:
  • 19:17:24: @shawnmain it's manifestly not a history of vampires. It's a 400 word extract of a 40 minute interview asking me why Vampires were popular.
  • 19:23:33: @Seehkay you really need to thank @davemckean, honest.
  • 20:44:27: @Heidifelise I think all of them are, if the fiction's any good.
  • 20:50:45: @michelledeidre School Reunion. Dodgy main plot, glorious other plot.
  • 20:51:24: @Maudelynn Bono took @wossy's puss? That's just wrong.
  • 22:29:19: @emmitunknowing I don't dislike vampires (There's one in Graveyard Book, and one "Snow Glass Apples") I just think they're becoming unhip.
  • 22:30:40: @serellie I'm afraid only half of the Palmer-Gaiman relationship has no nudity taboo.
  • 23:10:57: RT this made me smile much too widely @zoecello: revenge is.... random: Zoe vs paris hilton
  • 23:15:10: I appear to be one of the #lofnotc. But @amandapalmer is fast asleep napping for her neck, & will never know. (nods wisely) #crapirony
  • 23:50:48: @bdomenech I think it's published in Adventures in the Dream Trade
  • 23:52:48: @MKTitsworth never. She is the #LOFNOTC queen-empress. I am merely another loser...
  • 23:53:48: @Proofoffire that depends on what your favourite show is.
  • 23:56:54: @Moonsweetie I'm afraid the half of the relationship that writes on herself in sharpie and posts nudey pictures is, well, not me #lofnotc
  • 23:57:46: @codesphere glad you liked it.
  • 23:59:33: Blog entry up: friday night and all's quiet: posted by Neil Let's see:It's a bit quiet. Maddy and ..

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