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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

From Twitter 07-29-2009

  • 01:51:50: @jimpascoe It's beautiful packaging. Thank you!
  • 01:53:15: @shahab1234 i think that leaders often take people to places they didn't actually want to go in the first place.
  • 01:57:56: Tomorrow I record the ODD AND THE FROST GIANTS audiobook.15,000 words, about 90 minutes long. Have never read it aloud before. I'm excited.
  • 02:22:06: @shahab1234 honestly, I've never thought of myself as a literary leader. Authors are anarchists and cats and each follows his/her own star.
  • 02:24:25: For the Irish: Chapters Bookshop in Dublin is now selling the WHO KILLED AMANDA PALMER Book. Details & picture at
  • 03:02:19: @rutitoottoots they were flying through the air, not on the lens.
  • 04:00:30: Blog entry up: Green and Pleasant World: posted by Neil A couple of years ago I wrote a short stor..
  • 11:20:44: @katebornstein I named my daughter after Holly Woodlawn...
  • 11:33:15: Good morning world. You're looking particularly sunny. Woke up to learn that I'll be doing something in Spain in Nov. Now to find out what.
  • 11:38:56: @PrecisionGrace no, just summarising what you'd said so far, of which you stated "I said what I said. It's there black on white".
  • 18:29:26: @katebornstein I actually blogged the day I told her and her reaction. Will look for it next time I get to a computer.
  • 19:54:45: Recorded Odd and the Frost Giants. Best bit was doing the gloomy bear voice. learned most online pronunciations to the word Aesir are wrong
  • 20:01:11: @katebornstein it is at
  • 20:10:48: Aesir: According to the dictionaries it's ay-seer. Most online sources offer I-seer or ayezire.
  • 20:20:48: @bethofalltrades someone from Google is already talking to @fabulouslorrain -get her to put you in touch.
  • 21:20:19: Soundtrack in my head: Richard goldman's LOOKING FOR YOUR CAR IN AN AIRPORT PARKING LOT. Only this is the mall of America which is worse.
  • 21:33:44: Reached the car at the same time as I reached the end of my patience and the phone's battery life. Now, home.
  • 22:56:49: @ladymaze sure.
  • 22:58:45: RT if you missed it at SDCC @bethshepsut: Sunbird chapbook/ #bpal collaboration goes live at noon PST tomorrow:
  • 22:59:49: @Gazared I think he enjoyed it. WOuld have enjoyed it more if it was chicken Jell-O, mind.
  • 23:04:11: RT Extracts from the National Film Theatre talk, thank you @MotleyHippie: a BFI Coraline Q&A London link.
  • 23:05:14: @helen_of_boyd you're very welcome.
  • 23:06:01: @icedcaffeine argh. Sorry.
  • 23:07:38: Also @manmademoon's MOON talk extract is up at
  • 23:08:02: @katebornstein We'll whistle. Or, these days, tweet. Thank you, Kate.
  • 23:12:10: @RFelt nope. That's hilarious. Is it on youtube?
  • 23:14:57: @tericat they would to me. Thge trick is looking for your car in a different lot to the one you parked it in.
  • 23:17:25: @alevai what kind? I sort of wish I did guerilla ukulele gigs, but I don't play the ukulele.
  • 23:18:07: @KatWithSword bidding farewell to two daughters and their mother: They'd been shopping and were heading to the airport.
  • 23:19:42: @brienze oddly enough, it knew where I was. I didn't.
  • 23:23:07: @BIGBUSINESS if you google it there are lots of links, the first to a Wikipedia entry. They will explain at greater length than I .
  • 23:23:33: @PabloAgurcia there are lots of them on the blog #gaimanrecomends
  • 23:30:38: @RFelt nice ad. I can see why you were confused, though.
  • 23:32:19: THE GRAVEYARD BOOK was on the NYT Bestseller list for the 43rd week today. If we get to week 52, I am told there will be PIE. 9 weeks to go.
  • 23:36:39: @mgaiman great photo! And well done, again...
  • 23:41:40: @jwbstudios we didn't. I figure that it'll rain this week.
  • 23:42:17: @jackbachman you are so welcome!
  • 23:43:56: @naomihouser Mr Gaiman raises an eyebrow.
  • 23:59:47: @plasticrosary agreed. The don't-call-it-a-G2 has much better battery life.

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