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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

From Twitter 07-28-2009

  • 00:25:54: @BGFCentral I kind of do, Pam. But it's getting weirder as I age. In the night it creeps away and devours small mammals.
  • 00:30:19: @Wolven @unboundwolf, I was there to present an award to Mr Amano that was actually never presented. It was sad, messy, useless chaos.
  • 00:31:08: @OnyxWitch I hope you aren't.
  • 00:43:39: @jtyndalld 22. It wasn't very good.
  • 00:44:13: RT @diannagraf: CORALINE (in 3D at selected cinemas) now opens in Australia on July 30th - a whole week sooner than last announced. Yay!
  • 00:46:41: @jtyndalld nope. It sits in a tub in the attic until doomsday.
  • 00:49:38: In the kitchen @Hollyherself and friends are preparing for tomorrow's Jell-O battle. Or Jell-O war. Or, most likely, Jell-O Apocalypse.
  • 00:57:29: @aymazing The cat belongs to @woodsmanhans. Perhaps you should write to him and suggest it.
  • 01:10:16: @LawrenceFair it looks as good as you can get on a TV with current technology, which is to say, not great.
  • 02:49:59: @vanovan Nel Gurgle
  • 02:50:34: RT oops @muskrat_john: I want a t-shirt that says "@neilhimself crashed my server and all I got were these lousy 100,000 unique visitors"...
  • 03:31:19: @mgfarrelly no, it came from an ad agency. But it debuted on the Jack Benny show.
  • 03:32:20: @AdinaLenore I appreciate it enormously.
  • 03:33:08: @CyR00k it was a retweet, so it is @muskrat_john's desire, not mine.
  • 03:56:40: So many of you have pointed out that it's actually a Jell-Ocalypse that I feel the need to agree.
  • 03:59:08: @mgfarrelly it would predate Dennis by quite a bit -- he didn't turn up until 1939, replacing Kenny Baker.
  • 04:23:59: Hurrah! Just spoke to my producer in the UK and she loves the silent movie script/treatment (scriptment?) I did. Can't wait to shoot it.
  • 04:29:54: There. Buoyed up by that I shall finally go to bed. (I got the idea for the film halfway through the HousingWorks benefit, & wrote it down.)
  • 04:32:28: @AarontheStrong sure. Try asking Warner Brothers to make a Sandman movie.
  • 04:33:43: @stevenmitchellw nope, something else. I think you'll like it, though.
  • 04:34:51: @juliansimpson what an amazingly stupid piece, and astonishingly foolish man. My jaw has not yet undropped.
  • 13:32:28: @emilynbrodsky I am famed throughout the world for my romanticness, Ms Brodsky. & for my lack of deniability. Unfortunately so is @hodgman.
  • 15:38:51: After 5 years of complaints (& them claiming there's nothing wrong when they came out) AT&T replaced phone lines. We have Internet speed!
  • 15:40:15: @emmafreud it is me. Hi Emma. Welcome to the twitterverse. It just gets weirder from here.
  • 15:50:00: @naomihouser I saw him last in LA in 2005 for an Anansi Boys signing, but have not seen him since. I hope he's okay.
  • 15:52:11: @chameleoncloud the Lady Gaga fan in the family is @Maddyg44 (and @fabulouslorrain).
  • 16:26:54: @MissTy200271 yup. Although G2 is now a misnomer. And there should be more Androids with keyboards coming. But, yes.
  • 17:00:48: i love my daughter @maddyg44! maddy=awesome. i should not leave my twitter account open on my computer. :D hehe
  • 17:45:36: Home to find @maddyg44 walking around going "Mwah-ha-ha-ha!" dramatically. I just found out why.
  • 17:51:57: AT&T get no credit. Our local phone co who do the DSL, tired of my complaints, overrode & forced them to put in a new line.
  • 18:27:19: Just spent a glorious ten minutes (WHEN I SHOULD HAVE BEEN WORKING) photographing the Jellopocalypse. It was, um, Jellopocalyptic.
  • 19:13:57: @PrecisionGrace ...and where exactly is anyone proposing that Lars Von Trier's ANTICHRIST be shown to 9 year olds?
  • 19:19:48: A few JELLOPOCALYPSO photos coming up:
  • 19:24:41: It was 20% UK jelly and 80% US Jell-O TM
  • 19:25:46: @HarmonicTremble There were TWO paddling pools filled with the stuff.
  • 19:27:15: - When there is no more Jell-O TM (or possibly a UK supermarket brand jelly) in Hell, the Dead Will Walk The Earth.
  • 19:30:38: @morbidcherry is ever a point to war? It was just another senseless waste of human life. I mean jelly.
  • 19:32:06: @ratmando waves back. Give Emily my best #SDCC
  • 19:46:46: - Before it began.
  • 19:50:15: And here's @hollyherself as Lady Macbeth with a handful of Jelly.
  • 19:51:40: @PrecisionGrace @juliansimpson so you're seriously stating we should never make art that's not for children, because children will find it?
  • 20:07:25: @PrecisionGrace @juliansimpson No, that's not what you're saying. Still, freedom to make bad art is freedom, and 'bad' is always subjective.
  • 20:09:42: @PrecisionGrace @juliansimpson but the people in WI fighting for the right to burn library books would agree with you.
  • 20:41:16: @PrecisionGrace @juliansimpson Yes. You believe adults should be prevented from seeing art on the sayso of someone who hasn't seen it either
  • 22:20:39: @Lily_James thge nice people at Google Calendars got in touch with Lorraine, and promise that it will get fixed on the next roll out.
  • 22:57:34: @flashj that makes more sense.
  • 22:58:03: @Chumplet Ah. I thought it was kind of charming.
  • 23:38:06: @PaziaLuz does "divulging company information" include talking about your day at work?

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