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Monday, July 27, 2009

From Twitter 07-27-2009

  • 00:03:54: @greygirlbeast it was meant to say "or worse".
  • 00:05:27: @Iko if god had wanted werewolves and dragons to have sex, he would have created Larry and Smaug, not Adam and Eve.
  • 00:06:24: @eurekablyth I seem to have done rather more of that in the last three days than I normally do:
  • 00:14:28: RT this is from Brian Posehn, not me @thebrianposehn: Long shot, but if anybody recorded my set Friday night in SD please send me a message.
  • 01:49:13: Wrote half the silent movie treatment and a chunk of short story on the plane. Now home.
  • 01:51:06: I think this is my favourite holiday snap as it contains @donttrythis's amazingly real Jamie Heyneman stunt waxwork
  • 01:54:12: What I love best about walking in the woods with dog & daughter, watching the fireflies, is knowing it's impossible to capture. Goodnight.
  • 04:07:42: There is a strange scraggly black and orange cat in the house. Or I dreamed it. Can't find it now and the house is too big.
  • 04:21:24: I have left the back door slightly open. Perhaps it is the sort of cat who leaves again.
  • 06:15:41: @Harkaway Nothing good and old-wivesy I'm afraid Nick: is excellent but I don't know what the UK equivalent would be.
  • 13:29:45: RT @mitaliperkins A poetic summary of Newbery speech by me & Wilder speech by Ashley Bryan @ShelfAwareness
  • 14:47:10: @thesarahcoleman no, surely you will be a realclaimetofame
  • 14:48:34: @siriuslivs if it's what you want. It's not for everyone.
  • 14:49:23: @thisgoeshere I hope so.
  • 14:51:05: Apparently last night's mystery cat is actually on holiday here. Good thing I did not find it and usher it out into the night then.
  • 14:53:43: @lauraehall Getting Nicholson Baker to write about the Kindle is like a 78 record collector writing about the iPod. It's not what they love.
  • 15:39:29: The mystery cat (whose name is Molly, and who belongs to @woodsmanhans) has gone to live with @fabulouslorrain because she is in heat.
  • 15:46:04: Listening to my poor assistant battling with Google Calendar Time Zone problems. That I might go from zone to zone seems to break things.
  • 15:46:55: @dle90742 it's not my pet.
  • 15:50:21: RT @librarythingtim: RT @bookpatrol Borders employees now have to sign a non-blogging contract?
  • 15:51:21: @Qtap explain how to @fabulouslorraine and it will make her happy.
  • 16:22:56: @Kemocs I am going to Edinburgh for the Book Festival.
  • 17:41:06: @fabioccoelho that's appalling.
  • 19:18:36: Youtube of Henry Selick & me at SDCC talking CORALINE, scariness etc. By god I look tired & my hair looks weird.
  • 19:23:19: @Jeckie1 okay. That one made me laugh. @muskrat_john should be ashamed of himself.
  • 19:25:48: RT watch this: as @cdibona says, Holy crap. Shatner makes love to the mountain
  • 19:27:27: @vicariousills what is the Average Woman's Twitter ID? We should discuss this.
  • 19:35:41: @PrecisionGrace you mean like the famed Webcomic "Nice Hair"?
  • 19:39:34: @Valmont86 eleven years ago!
  • 19:42:28: @mrtonylee you can mount the head in public as long as you both keep your clothes on. Otherwise things could get sticky & not in a good way.
  • 20:03:06: @hodgman we'll always have London, John.
  • 20:03:41: @Valmont86 not until someone decides to make it.
  • 20:05:35: Given that I missed it, I am posting this link without endorsing it. Oh @muskrat_john, be ashamed!
  • 20:08:34: @naomihouser as long as you don't mind 140 char answers.
  • 20:13:42: Well, he *did* say that he'd upgraded his server. Um, sorry about the #neilwebfail there everyone. Especially @muskrat_john (shame!)
  • 20:24:18: @mrtonylee they always are. Sometimes TOO friendly.
  • 20:58:50: @gregorycarniel I was replying to a question they then cut out about CGI advances making CORALINE look old fashioned.
  • 21:13:23: @ninafy Really? Who's your dad?
  • 21:17:09: @emmafreud Hullo Emma. (waves.)
  • 21:17:31: @hodgman not erased. Just dismantled until your return.
  • 21:31:00: @hodgman they don't fold up the Tube. That would be silly. They just put it in a cupboard under the stairs, with all the roads.
  • 21:32:06: @fabulouslorrain could be having a ladycat in heat in your basement.
  • 22:09:38: @hodgman it's not a very big cupboard: the roads roll up small. We put the buildings in the back bedroom until we hear you're returning.
  • 22:12:30: @naomihouser normal messages is good, but the volume is such that I often just don't see them.
  • 22:20:14: RT @MrTeller: The P&T grave: Force 3 of Clubs then take your friend cemetery sightseeing.
  • 22:37:31: @hodgman And they call you evil, John. You should print out that last tweet so everyone in the whole world could see how selfless you are.
  • 22:59:51: @hodgman Damn! Fooled again by Evil Hodgman. I wait for the True Hodgman to return from his outer space patrol, & free St Paul's & humanity.
  • 23:25:35: @Wolven I'm not sure it could be much worse.

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