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Friday, July 24, 2009

From Twitter 07-24-2009

  • 01:02:18: @davepress there's a Vertigo google template? Good lord...
  • 01:06:37: @Izzardfan Plastic Man. Created by Jack Cole.
  • 01:21:45: @henrybing I just think of CORALINE as a people film. It seems to work for kids and adults, but differently.
  • 03:28:35: Blog entry up: Eleven Days or Thereabouts: posted by Neil Dear Diaryright. When last heard of I wa..
  • 11:17:48: I wake and ten thousand of you have vanished. And the hard part is, they were the ten thousand I liked best.
  • 11:41:46: In limo, on the way to mtv interview. The girls are teaching Amanda the simpsons' spider-pig song.
  • 12:07:19: @jmb_ink she is building a house out of them.
  • 12:21:04: @ABWaite I think they were just Spam and bots.
  • 12:37:45: It takes a minute to walk from Hilton to convention centre. If you do it by limo
  • 12:39:54: Oops. It takes 40 minutes by compulsory car. Sigh.
  • 12:41:31: Also may tweet a lot today. me for the day if it will be a problem.
  • 14:01:09: - The view from here.
  • 15:12:22: @empiremagazine What kind of a question is that?call yourself a reporter?
  • 17:14:41: @AlbertineYoung sorry about that.
  • 20:45:50: There's a special sort of #neilfail involved in telling people to twittersnooze me and then being to busy to twitter.
  • 20:49:47: Re Marvelman: I think it's great news that Mick Anglo's creations is going to be seen again, and hopeful that my work & Bucky's will be back
  • 20:52:36: @mlupoi it made my day
  • 21:09:42: Off duty for an hour, backstage at the san diego women's club listening to @amandapalmer soundcheck.
  • 21:22:16: @graphicgrrl I'll probably sign after Amanda's gig tonight, with her.
  • 21:34:59: @cmckendry doors open 7, show starts at 8.
  • 21:35:42: @Meehaul yes
  • 21:56:10: @comicazepep they bought them from Mick Anglo's representatives. Todd mcfarlane could still sue everyone but I hope he won't.
  • 23:41:48: on my way to present eisner award. Car just pulled over for illegal left turn. Will we make it?

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