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Saturday, July 25, 2009

From Twitter 07-25-2009

  • 04:29:24: My phone died, I made it to the Eisners, accepted Craig Russell's CORALINE Eisner Award, presented three awards, & was NOT snogged by @wossy
  • 04:30:17: Made it back to Amanda's gig in time to see the last 90 minutes, signed stuff, and home. Long day now done.
  • 04:38:53: @majestic_books Amanda Palmer.
  • 16:29:50: Truth is a spork #badproverbs
  • 18:23:11: oops. That was meant to have a picture with it.
  • 18:24:20: At SDCC yesterday, @wilw, @feliciaday, @amandapalmer & me. Felicia apparently always dresses like that. As do I.
  • 18:26:45: RT @pericula: To a blind mouse, everything is cheese. #badproverbs
  • 18:29:21: RT @desenquisse: Out of the frying pan and into my tummy #badproverbs
  • 18:34:50: RT (I think the best badproverbs are the ones that make you go "but...what?") @Andrew_Taylor Prudence never glued the badgers. #badproverbs
  • 18:35:36: @Leeaverday can't get a Pulitzer, I'm not American.
  • 20:41:06: @GiselleWhitney it's the difference between residents and citizens, Geri. I'm an American resident, eligible for a Newbery. Not a citizen.
  • 20:59:19: Maddy and her friend Claire are watching CORALINE on the hotel DVD player. Claire hadn't seen it. I'm catching up on email.
  • 21:24:40: @ZubZub wait. hang on. *I'm a marshmallow?*
  • 21:29:32: Blog entry up: Worldcon schedule: posted by Neil I was just sent this, my schedule for WorldCon (h..
  • 22:01:00: @ShortCake5683 they really did! and you are welcome.
  • 23:54:16: @PabloGanguli I love to go places i have never been. But time to travel is harder to find.

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