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Thursday, July 23, 2009

From Twitter 07-23-2009

  • 02:31:06: Today I interrupted my holiday to sign 100 copies of the #BPAL "Sunbird" booklet. ("Sunbird" smells like resin and deserts and the phoenix.)
  • 02:42:02: Dear Twitter, what I would have to do to be Verified? My (Verified) girlfriend says she loves me as I am but I can see the pain in her eyes.
  • 02:42:17: @jewishlibrary congratulations! That's wonderful.
  • 02:45:35: @jwbstudios I applied to be verified the week it came out. Mr Schwarzeneggar is Verified. @wilw is verified. I could be anyone. & often am.
  • 02:48:30: Thanks to all who sent me links to the Verified page but I applied long ago, alas. I could be anyone, and probably am.
  • 02:55:24: Was just sent this: -- thrilled for "The Graveyard Book" nomination, and congrats to fellow nominees.
  • 03:38:52: @themadone I thought running my Twitter feed on the right hand side of might do it.
  • 03:48:55: @squirrelhunter um, I separated from my ex-wife some years ago, and we were divorced before I ever met Amanda.
  • 03:50:53: RT yeah @edkaye: @amandapalmer That is harsh. Some guys can't help it. Non-verification is a real problem, you should be supporting him ;)
  • 10:49:59: Up at the crack of whatever it is now, off to CBLDF Annual Board Meeting. Yay Defending the First Amendment in Comics. Boo mornings.
  • 11:03:34: @BillCorbett I left my dead grandmother on the roof of my Prius & someone recycled her. #urbanelegends.
  • 11:07:24: @GreatDismal there was a great one called Babble I used to do Signal to Noise 20 years ago. It's still online somewhere.
  • 11:11:38: @KatWithSword or from the cbldf website after the con if there are any left.
  • 11:14:10: @shetlandtrader it was all done by hand,one word at a time. Except for adjectives which are done for me by gnomes.
  • 12:17:27: Signed 100 "girls at parties" prints and 100 of #bpal Vampire tarot Fool cards. Both on sale at cbldf booth at sdcc until they are gone.
  • 12:25:43: @rgphotographic I don't know. Will ask when meeting ends.
  • 14:09:17: I... I'm verified. But.. I don't FEEL any different.
  • 15:34:13: RT: @amandapalmer is doing a comic-con ninja gig at 1:30 in the park behind SDCC con center nr symphony box office her account has details.
  • 15:36:24: Also Amanda is signing WHO KILLED AMANDA PALMER BOOK at #sdcc JSR booth 116 for next 25 mins and again at 3.00pm
  • 15:39:53: Also amazing @davemckean posters and art at the @centuryguild booth. Go and buy them. #sdcc
  • 15:44:13: @CallMeGoldie as long as you're still there I'll be back.
  • 15:44:47: @PixelRobot so did I.
  • 17:35:06: @casket4mytears the books got to US, they took 600 jackets off, sent them, we signed them immediately, returned them & they're out. Sorry
  • 18:13:58: @casket4mytears if you'd preordered the signed one and didn't get it, that sucks. Let @bethofalltrades know and she'll sort it out.
  • 18:16:10: @casket4mytears jacket signing was a time decision after China delays: they couldn't have got the books out signed and back in time to ship.

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