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Monday, July 20, 2009

From Twitter 07-20-2009

  • 03:16:38: @TessCollins I was - Amanda made two teenage girls very happy by buying tickets for the four of us to see Wicked.
  • 03:32:33: @midnightpages Perhaps Hawksmoor by Peter Ackroyd, or anything by Ian Sinclair.
  • 03:34:45: @TheBewitched I don't think so, no. This is the artist/Writer Lisa Brown, married to Daniel Handler.
  • 12:16:27: @jessica_ferris it was great to meet you (and all the dancers).
  • 12:21:50: Plans for today: finish NEVERWHERE Preferred TEXT US copyedit, finish short story, fly south, write blog entry, continue family vacation.
  • 12:56:38: @Asperoth yup.
  • 12:59:09: @Jay_Malk it should just be spelling of a few US words. But the copyeditor got inventive, and I'm fixing things back.
  • 12:59:39: @aineaune it is a wonderful skull-box, yes. Thank you.
  • 16:06:05: RT @BNBuzz Check out our exclusive podcast interview with author Neil Gaiman @neilhimself -
  • 17:33:28: Just saw page 8 of Wednesday comics metamorpho. Not sure who deserves medal more, Mike allred or Nate the letterer. I asked the impossible.
  • 19:11:59: @juliangough yup. I think this is the first time one has changed the spelling of a person's name mss wide.
  • 19:16:39: @mshamah they are all very different. Depends what kind of book you like where you start.
  • 19:39:10: no, @MitchBenn. I will not RT: the 3 songs of a humorous nature you have up on the bbc site at . Ask no more.
  • 20:47:33: - What has it got in its pocketses, today's version.
  • 21:10:33: (I forgot to say that the one thing missing from the pockets contents photo in is the MyTouch phone I took it on.)
  • 21:37:33: @kirky2627 2 phones:one's a gift, & used mostly to tweet, map etc. My Nokia N73 died last week, so an old phone was unretired for this trip.
  • 21:40:40: The pockets were emptied so the jacket could be pressed so I look OK tomorrow in Las Vegas when I am Tarot-improvved:
  • 22:14:17: @yarnpr0n Well, I know I'll turn up, get a Tarot reading and they will base their improv on that. Seems pretty unplanned to me.
  • 22:31:22: @yarnpr0n oh, not offended at all. Not to worry.
  • 22:50:20: @MelissaTarot you must ask @emilyjillette who got me to sign up for it.
  • 23:23:36: @unlikelykate - Kate. Bats wishes. Nel gurgle.
  • 23:34:49: Pondering how to celebrate @mgaiman's 26th birthday tomorrow. Suspect he would not fully appreciate a gorilla-gram at his place of work.

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