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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

From Twitter 07-21-2009

  • 00:23:43: @insignifikunt So @Amandapalmer's VERIFIED & I'm not? It's like Romeo & Thingie. Will we conquer our differences or will they tear us apart?
  • 00:25:23: @MsDeadly @LHRodriguez @alexis_p it is indeed a Holga.
  • 00:35:49: @zandrastratford every reply I could think of was so *wrong*.
  • 00:50:01: Now I'm starting to wonder what kind of gorillagram birthday cards for @mgaiman you lot would create if left to your own devices. Twitpics?
  • 00:51:20: RT: good lord. Even gorilllagrams have mystery perils @fracturedguy Don't be so sure:
  • 01:08:12: @insaneangie "don't let your mouth write no cheque that your tail can't cash". Muddy Waters.
  • 03:44:29: @Kifftopher I haven't been sent a DVD yet, so can't comment personally, but that seems to be the consensus, yes.
  • 03:45:38: @NeilAlderney nope. I don't hold new-fangled things like that. I write with the fountain pens, also in pockets.
  • 03:48:06: @MWPayne that was some wondrous plinthing.
  • 03:51:39: @emilyJillette - That shirt makes me so happy.
  • 03:58:05: On @emilyjillette's twitpics I noticed . Then I read Alas, I will not meet Kristen schaal.
  • 04:00:10: @amandapalmer You're Verified. I'm Unverified.This is like being from the wrong side of the tracks, isn't it? Our kind aren't meant to meet.
  • 04:02:35: There. Book finally copyedited. Failed to blog or finish story though. Tomorrow I take Maddy and Claire to Vegas, to see a show, and me.
  • 05:11:34: @angrybrit I'll be seeing @pennjillette for tea, but will miss their show doing Tarot show and running for a plane. Next time.
  • 12:17:14: Big, big thank you to @mserinelizabeth & the @personalityhtls chain for giving us a wonderful time at the Union Square Hotel in SF. Grateful
  • 12:27:04: @ChefShonna I saw "O" about 5 years ago and loved it so much. Like dreaming while awake.
  • 12:28:59: Woken by the gentle hurricane of hairdriers from the room next door. Travel with teenage girls is educational and delightful. Now to Vegas.
  • 12:30:30: @odroku I go through a copy edit carefully once its done and try and put back my hyphens and commas as I liked them.
  • 13:14:20: @brokenever then one day you will qet it signed and we will do something special.
  • 13:51:58: Low-level panic setting in after 45 mins in security line. Now they have announced they have stopped all screening and thus all flights.
  • 14:14:22: @trainerr how? Remember the pic was taken by a mytouch.
  • 15:14:46: we made the plane with seconds to spare. They closed the doors behind us. I wrote on the plane. All is good.
  • 17:58:46: #lameclaimtofame Simon LeBon said he liked the Duran Duran book I wrote.
  • 20:42:02: I will have my tarot cards read and watch improvised comedy based on it tonight. If you are in las vegas please come & see. Tarotlounge.Com
  • 21:15:26: Ps tickets start at $20 online.
  • 21:18:09: @jilliansaint it's only $20 a ticket for the cheap seats, the producer says.
  • 21:22:03: @Jinglesmom I'd love to read the whole thing (hint hint)
  • 21:28:50: Blog entry up: quick one: posted by Neil Just a very hasty note to say that in an hour I will be o..

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