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Friday, January 7, 2011

From Twitter 01-07-2011

"Love me when I least deserve it, because that’s when I really need it" is going round Twitter attributed to me. It's an old Swedish Proverb
@katemckinnon No, it is Michael Chabon's shirt. Also, I'm now a MacKinnon too.
@Ipu_chan go for it!
Have you read anything by Jonathan Carroll yet? He's @JSCarroll , & this is what I wrote about him on his website:
@HayleyFiasco if it's Neilhimself, it's me. Although the Jack Benny shows throw everything off...
@ApolloPureheart She really likes Amanda, and was thrilled for us and for me.
@rgyatso If bees go (and they won't) we lose things like almonds. But bees pollinate less than you'd think. Why cannibalism, though?
@nynelkotten Very wise. That way you understand each other.
RT @nathanhathaway: #lessambitiousbooks Caroline by @neilhimself
@Joannechocolat Thank you SO much! I've gone from missing her to being happy I'll see her next week...
@nathanhathaway ah, but the amount of people who seem to have missed the joke... (shakes head).
@lomography Thank you! There are lots of Lomo wedding shots needing to be developed. Including the 360 degree spinner ones...
Just up: I talk about the STORIES anthology on the Australian radio BOOK SHOW (streaming or downloadable)
@neverwear What? I have to Judge something?
RT @TheatreGeekAmy: @neilhimself Would you be so kind as to RT this? I'm trying to spread the word about my #Sandman postcard giveaway. ...
Passport valid but full. About to go to Australia. May need to go to China from Oz but no room for Chinese Visa or time to get new passport.
Lots of people asking if I'll sign at #alamw11. Yes, but time permitting as I have to leave SD that evening. (I'll pre-sign books as well.)
Lots of helpful passport advice coming in, which would be useful if I had an American Passport. UK passports don't add pages, alas.
@katelaii Hmm. I'll be in LA.
@moiseschiu Yes! She's @fablor here on Twitter or fabulouslorraine at
@PrecisionGrace Yes, that's why I said it's a temporary profile pic.
@Eikakajik really? How?
@bethmeacham Will do...
@Andrew_W_Harper right
@Patrech NO, just Hobart and Sydney, I think.
@TaraMcPherson Alas, it's not the stamps, it's the page for the visa sticker. (Also, did DC ever reprint your poster in any Absolutes?)
@erufu thank you! (Your avatar looks like I drew it.)
The best suggestion is simply Get Another Passport. And it seems that the UK will let you have two.
@ceruleansky only if you are American, alas.
@a_stranger alas, no use to me as a US resident. I have to go through Washington.
@UKinUSA The British Embassy Tweets? Wonderful. If I went to Australia on Emergency Travel Doc, though, would my current Oz visa be valid?
@UKinUSA got it. Thanks.
NY: @Sxipshirey live music 4 Méliès silent films & @neilhimself's
"Statuesque" (with @amandapalmer) Sun Jan 16 1pm & 4pm
@a_stranger Alas, I'm due onstage in Hobart on Friday...
@imtboo It looks like all UK passports in Australia/NZ are now handled in Wellington, NZ, so that's out.
@katelaii Alas, LA doesn't issue passports. It's all done in Washington.
@indigohan Do not get hysterical on public transport. You will worry the other people.
@yashin19 I'll give it a bash. Thanks...
#Inthisdecade I want to write more books & comics, make a film I like, write my 1st play, be with Amanda a LOT, fly less, laugh more, learn.
I'm reading @catvalente's The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland In A Ship Of Her Own Making #fridayreads (For @CassandraNeace, who asked)
@Sandiwich11 I wouldn't be at all surprised.
RT @ilse_fancypants: #inthisdecade I want to write more, fear less, cook more, waste less, smile more, frown less, listen more, speak le ...
RT @wickedoll: #Inthisdecade I want to go to London, write a book of short stories, learn to drive, learn to trust, move out of OK and l ...
RT @pedrosa67: #Inthisdecade I want my son to learn to speak again. Have not heard his voice for nearly 5 years.
RT @midnit3mar3: #inthisdecade I want to see the ocean for the first time, give more and take less, and do something that I'm proud of.
I'm not going to keep retweeting #inthisdecade hashtags. But they're like micro-novels: like fingerprints of hope.
@katwantsyou Alas. Love your profile pic.
@phoenix_arising thank you!
RT @DeathStarPR: #InThisDecade we want to listen more, oppress less & show that we really care. And blow up more evil planets, obviously ...
@epiktistes It's getting closer.
@2phatgeeks It really is.
@Eviey Same dead hobo every day, or a different one?
@KatWithSword I know someone in San Francisco who can help with the Tango bit.
@Eviey point.
@AbuKedem I lied.
RT @KimFalconer: @neilhimself I like them. It's powerful to put intentions in print. Like the ancient Greeks said, 'what is written is f ...
@Tinuveil Not yet one I'm satisfied with.
@feyrer I think the second answer was better.
@AbuKedem I don't know. It's not mine to make.
@oryskid You have? Or you will?
@bastardgirl And a happy new year from me and @amandapalmer !
@oryskid not yet.
@Dominikolai I'd be thrilled. I've got enough awards.

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