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Thursday, January 6, 2011

From Twitter 01-06-2011

@MrTeller it looks like a VERY SMALL exotic dancer is about to clamber out.
@meltinghalo actually, I was rather hoping that now we're married people will kiss me too #butIexpectitlljustbeher
Words of wisdom for freelancers of all kinds from @Evanier: #ReadThis
@Spitfire_King you mean like ?
RT @amandapalmer: speaking of which, getting married and immediately parting company was among one of our dumber ideas. I don't recommen ...
@karinagw I don't have any place for comments on my blog. It predates comments, & I like it the way it is. Does that make me cowardly?
@TylerJirik I think WHTTCC was my Batman Story for the next long while.
@dletorey bizarre. I wonder if they set it from the US edition.
@Dyst_ Not actually true: British Bees still around per
@piscespink send a photograph
Goodnight universe. Goodnight my wife in Melbourne. Goodnight.
@MrsTmama Even weirder, they sent ME one.
RT @realjohngreen: Inspired by @neilhimself, I turned a paragraph of Huckleberry Finn into a tale of Klingon oppression: ...
@zoeboekbinder See it? I felt it!
RT @HarperChildrens: Tons of icons, stickers, & more. Download the ultimate #GraveyardBook fan kit here! cc @neilhimself
@Kris_Croom ask @Fablor...
@dweeding that's wonderful! #rolemodelsdadsliketoo
It is time to lose the chainsaw profile picture (from Dec 31st 2009). Be afraid... #ctuallyIhavenoideawhatImgoingtoputupforthisyear
@cicadaluvsu I am! I'm here!
There. Temporary Wedding Profile Picture Up, while I decide on the actual 2011 pic.
@JuanEMunizaga It's meant to be in stores this week, according to @dccomics
@ukRedSaint Hmmm...
@CrayolaaWonderr No, 2009. In Boston, at the Pops New Year's Eve Show.
@ArmisteadMaupin you managed to bring a new meaning to Despondency. (Check the Picasa album for amazing photo of you, Michael & Christopher)
@hayleycampbelly if you glue it there. Or have it stapled.
@ayeletw Look: is my new profile pic. #ROSIEROSIEROSIE
@theniceface Yup. In June, I think.
@CaptainPJ me too.
@rgyatso @Comixace Why?
I voted for @pattonoswalt as WiredSexiest Geek of 2010. Then went down the list voting up everyone I knew, whether sexy or not. #becauseIcan
@NekkidBacon not yet. I really hope to.
Just noticed you can watch @Eaterofsun's Hay Lecture 2010 Online: #Geoengineering #SFfoundation

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