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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

From Twitter 01-04-2011

RT: What she said (joy, joy all the way) @amandapalmer: hey guess what we did last night (& this time it's legal)
@HowardGertler thank you!
@Jonesjazz We really should. If nothing else I want to bring @amandapalmer to see the show.
@sxipshirey It is true. @amandapalmer and I suddenly and secretly tied the knot.
@thejillthompson Thank you Jill, @amandapalmer and I are so lucky....
Over at @Overlook are photos of MAKING A CHAIR, a beautiful George Walker edition of 150 (click on the pix to embiggen)
@whittles I know @amandapalmer was so glad you were both there, and I was too.
Hmm. This getting married to someone and then not seeing her for 10 days thing is no fun at all. #weshouldvedoneahoneymoon
Glorious, haunting, photos of old London: (via @JSCarroll)
@cindypon both, I think. #alam11
@mkincaidspeller thank you M'aur'een...
@cindypon Will investigate. @lotuselyse will know all...
The best wedding photo I've seen so far. 2 goofy smiling people. (Pic by @ArmisteadMaupin's husband Christopher)
@warrenellis thank you so much!
@ScottMonty I cannot come out and play at BSI this weekend, as they are making me ALA.
@maureenjohnson thank you so much!
@BadAstronomer thank you!
@chezpim thank you! (the instant wedding thing was why we never came and ate with you. NEXT TIME.)
@DarkHorseComics aw... thank you!
@MitchBenn We shall, Mitch. Or die trying.
@JewishTweets thank you! Glasses were stomped on and I did not cut open my foot (as I was convinced I would as a boy)
@trentvanegas thank you Trent!
@andydiggle thank you, Andy...
@SamAtRedmag Yup. Definite suckage.
@KenPlume thank you!
@docbrite thank you, Poppy. We love you.
@SteveNiles thanks, Steve...
@kellysue thank you, Not-a-mouse!
@dogeatdoug aw... thank you!
@sarahdope Yup. About time indeed.
@Real_Hulk thank you Hulk!
@auntbeast thank you, Caitlin! I hope we see you in 2011!
@PaLe_fAcE_xx I'm sorry....
@franki_ I'l see her in Tasmania on the 13th...
@joqatana You did indeed. @amandapalmer tangoed like a trooper. I grew an extra left leg and managed not to kill anybody.
@damonbuxton Thank you!
@whittles I don't know. We'll spread it out over two weeks in Australia, I think.
A reminder: people in TASMANIA I'm at (Jan 15 Main Stage 8 pm FREE) People in SYDNEY I guest at
@pamela_ho Thanks Pam! Give my love to Singapore, and hug Ning for me!
RT Nominate a Laureate! Not me. I'm not there. @Booktrust: Nominations are now open for the next Children's Laureate at
@faceofboe true. But I do not think she should go around schools and such for a year right now. She should stay home and write.
LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY Yes: posted by Neil

At the end of the wedding ceremony last night, our... WARNING:Contains me
Look: mysterious writer @steveaylett denies his impressive personal beauty and writes a guest-blog at
RT Yes @Ihnatko: @amandapalmer as The Bride,c.1999: Bride w/@neilhimself, 2011: Same gown?
@prismkitty the book's in the public domain, so you can print your own version and make Huck a girl if you like. It's stupid, but irrelevant
@joe_hill Thank you Joe! and I have not forgotten about your honey...
RT @DavidBTwit: MAKING A CHAIR by Neil Gaiman (signed/limited broadside) This is a great one @neilhimself
@prismkitty it's in the public domain now. They do not have to do anything...
@rimfrostus thank you!
@CoinOperatedJay What? What did the ad link to?
@rolkus Sorry. But look! I replied to this!
@SFPlayhouse No, I was just there for Friday (Dolls show) Saturday and Sunday (Wedding). And alas, you had no show on Saturday...
Finally finished @jupitusphillip's excellent GOOD MORNING NANTWICH, too late for my endorsement to shift 1 extra copy for Xmas. #sorryphill
@CoinOperatedJay How strange.
@RiotpoofFairy that's so wonderful! Thank you...
@sfstagewalker I was. But I was there when they were dark, alas...
@tammykirk actually, @amandapalmer and I managed a gift-free wedding. But I don't auction gifts - that would be rude.
If you enjoyed the Graphic Festival this year at Sydney Opera House, you can vote for it at
@MissySuicide thank you so much!
@tammykirk I donate lots of things to CBLDF, but only done art-gift auctions once, in 2004. Otherwise, it's my stuff...
@TresDesole It's public domain. You can make them all Klingons if you want. It's not Mark Twain's Huck Finn, though.
@PolitelyOffend there's ten year's worth of advice on my blog. Also dog photographs.

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