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Monday, January 3, 2011

From Twitter 01-03-2011

RT @pcraigrussell: @neilhimself NIGHT MUSIC video is now online for free—opening features many of the models for CORALINE: http://tinyur ...
@Loravara I don't! Someone should talk to @DCComics about it.
RT: What she said (joy, joy all the way) @amandapalmer: hey guess what we did last night (& this time it's legal)
RT @ArmisteadMaupin: Amanda Palmer to Neil Gaiman during their wedding vows: "You don't have to make me up." So honored to be there.
RT @ayeletw: For those curious about the mystery event that happened in my parlor last night, here's a clue.
I am the happiest and luckiest man in the world. Thank you to @ayeletw and her family for giving us their parlour, their hospitality & love.
@WesleyStace Thank you so much! @amandapalmer
@g_willow Will do. But the best thing about the dress is that it was Amanda's original 12 year old busking wedding dress. Dry-cleaned.
@IFearZombies which is odd as @amandapalmer and I are getting clean-up bills for rainbow sprinkles from all over the world.
@ferretprincess Love you and your family from @amandapalmer and me...
@raingraves We did! @amandapalmer and I tangoed. She was wonderful. I was appalling. It was great.
@PSBChrisKocher of course! And the Lemony Snickets and the @ArmisteadMaupin s...
@edn1970 @hollyherself did
@ManMadeMoon Thank you Duncan!
@AnneBillson thank you Anne!
@zeldawilliams it was SO good. Are you in la next week?
@Paul_Cornell but as Alan said, aren't they all?
@zoecello @amandapalmer You were there at the very very beginning, Zoe.
@SDuPreeBemis @amandapalmer Thank you Sherri!
@fablor you are right: @amandapalmer contains multitudes.
@Kambrieldesign I don't know if you can see what I'm wearing... @amandapalmer
@amandapalmer I love you. I'll see you in less than two weeks in Australia. Thank you for everything. Love does happen.
RT @pattonoswalt: Marriage of @amandapalmer and @neilhimself confirmed. Like the Hatfield/Coy War, the Nerd/Goth schism is laid to res ...
@katebornstein @amandapalmer ah. Thank you. Huge glowy smile back at you! #joy
@KimBoekbinder we will see you there! @amandapalmer
@hollyherself I love you daughter of mine. I wave back at you. Do not forget the hatbox.
@ayeletw It honestly was. And your house, and your wonderful loving family, made @amandapalmer and me the happiest people on earth.
@GodmanDude Tasmania festival then Sydney opera house...

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