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Friday, October 15, 2010

From Twitter 10-14-2010

@DominicBeal Good to meet you too, Dominic.
RT @annaknitsalot: @neilhimself Could you please RT this url? A knitter had a horrible thing happen. ...
An amazing set of artists (& me) draw Sandman characters on ebay for a good cause:
@garykwolfe I would love to see it!
Off to Mysterious Retreat of the Great & Good for 4 days. Either I will not come back or I will be replaced by a duplicate Neil. #70sTVRules
@georgehencken nope. Although the author of my favourite book with the 30 foot Owl in will be there.
@pnh and his poetry is recited with joy and love to this day while technically better poets are forgotten.
@pandorasaidoops I loved this tweet! Thank you.
No I will not come back with a goatee of evilness. Also the 70s beard of sf tv evil is a van dyke. #70sTVrules #badspock #rogerdelgado
RT @warrenellis: The power of beard compels you, Neil.
@tomsticker both van dykes.
@IgnitionUK nobody would notice. They didn't the last time.
@magelly Service was good at what he did, though. There is no standard by which mcgonnagall was good, and he is loved for his badness.
@redbakersen no, he had a Van Dyke. #beardidentification
At midday a private plane will take me to an undisclosed location where the Great and the Good will meet. #ImnevercomingbackamI?
@Drew_Bowie oddly, no.
@nataliefisher I am one of the small and iffy.
@MamaDeeinTN she is. I think she wants to understand me.
@MrBillyBones sssh
@paparocksmedia you too! Best to Jackson and Charlie.
@MaluBVargas they will figure it out soon enough.
The ig Nobels are up on YouTube
@amandapalmer I'll miss you. And wish you were coming to Club Mystery with me.
@SciDoll doomed doomed doomed....
@omnuhvawr good luck!
@SciDoll I expect to reach my room in (Undisclosed Location) only to find it already inhabited by my exact duplicate, holding a silver gun.
@linkwherrman they will soon realize their mistake.
@SciDoll talking to A Man With A Beard who is vouching for you. #weareallinthistogether
I am on a Mystery Plane. Have not yet left the ground. All very mysterious.
RT @loganhill33: posted a loooong interview with neil gaiman, @neilhimself
@tanyday tell him I'm thrilled.
RT I did! @tammytoes: My extended, delightful @vulture interview with Neil. I hope @neilhimself had as much fun as I did!
@AngieKeenan the graveyard book...
@Sesquipedalitee it us the power of mcgonnagall.
Am at undisclosed location.
Everybody cool in the whole world (except you) is sitting around a campfire. This is amazing. #untilwevanishmysteriously

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