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Thursday, October 14, 2010

From Twitter 10-13-2010

The view from here: Walter Sickert and the army of broken toys...
@dezrah one day. .
Was just inveigled into massacring Dudley Moore's JUMP onstage at @amandapalmer's late night Cabaret. Argh.
@armyoftoys happy birthday!
@jeskalee yup.
@raliel that one was rehearsed. This one we simply somehow did it...
RT @CynthVonBuhler: The blog post of all blog posts. Photos from my FREAKS party! @amandapalmer @neilhimself @sxips ...
@ce_murphy what did @fablor say?
Good morning world. I want to write a ghost story today, I think. I wish people I owe writing to were waiting for me to write ghost story.
@mistressmousey tried messaging you back, but it says you are not following me.
@PollySamson that might be fun...
@duckorange scary, scary...
@ScarecrowMental obviously not a trademarked alien belonging to anyone who might sue us.
@JoseMolinaTV Okay. I'll write the story and call in a mysterious favour one day in return.
I'm going to write a ghost story until Amanda wakes up. #thenImakebreakfast
@lamaupin @mistressmousey No, I replied and it said You can't DM someone who isn't following you.
@rmhbikes I hope you enjoy it.
@irkdesu Yes, definitely.
@ickle_tayto @fablor uh oh.
Big thank you to @sanctuary4kids who won the Twitchange auction to help kids in Haiti.
Donating Tweets to @Sanctuary4Kids, a charity that brings Sci Fi community together to raise funds for kids in crisis.
@cerebronachapa I haven't even had a job since becoming a writer. Unless you count writing as a job.
@amandapalmer hurrah for McGonagall
@Sesquipedalitee sure!
Look! @Sesquipedalitee is petitioning the Post Office for a Great McGonagall stamp.
At the Raising a Reader benefit. Bonded with Anita Diamant who will give me Being Jewish books for @amandapalmer
(The Being Jewish books for @amandapalmer are because she asked me to explain Judaism today and I did a rubbish job.)
@jprodgers I am glad I helped!
@KurtBusiek good suggestion!
@FuckUChelios of course
Spent the last 30 mins with @amandapalmer & her stepsister Lisa reading McGonnagall to each other. Amanda now wants to do a Wm. McG musical.

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