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Friday, February 19, 2010

Aggregate Twitterage

  • 08:31 @mindromtech not a problem. Let me know how many daily tweets/FB postings isn't overposting and I'll stick to that limit. 9 tweets, 1 fb? 2? #
  • 10:54 On a plane to Alabama (eventually). Wearing my American Gods leather jacket for the first time in years. Writing introductions to things. #
  • 10:55 @Foggen you really think @amandapalmer's a man? Whoo boy. #
  • 11:03 Reading the @amandapalmer @thatkevinsmith Twitterflirt stream. Strokes white cat. Practices saying "No, Mr Smith, I expect you to *die*..." #
  • 11:05 @Kambrieldesign hurrah! #
  • 11:06 @StarShipSofa yup. Signed yesterday. #
  • 11:11 Yes I know Auric Goldfinger didn't have a cat. #dontbesoliteral. #
  • 12:18 Am using plane internet. Because I want to get some work done. Also, I really do own a white cat. She's called Princess. #
  • 12:21 @moviegrrl by promoting their existence to 1.5 million people? Seems wrong. #
  • 12:24 Probably not the last word, but the @e velynevelyn dialogue continues. @amandapalmer blogs and explains: #
  • 12:28 @TempleofAnubis I don't want to give it publicity. Happy to complain privately. #
  • 12:29 @adorkablegrrl at the point where she explains it would've been properly feminist if only the father had been the real bad guy, she lost me. #
  • 12:31 @gevmage you have to spell Blofeld right if you're going to be pedantic, otherwise it doesn't work. #
  • 13:05 April 16th I'm delivering a lecture in Indianapolis : #
  • 13:08 @flamesprite You're addressing that to the wrong person. Or you believe that, as her fiancee, I own or control her, which I find offensive. #
  • 13:14 @birdchick After everything you've told me about your mum? #
  • 13:42 @alexandrak I am. It's not announced yet though. #
  • 13:47 @flamesprite I'm still offended by the neovictorian sexism of your original tweet. That was not an apology. #
  • 13:53 @flamesprite perhaps you should reread my link tweet. And inspect your motives. The apology is optional. #
  • 13:54 @fromagefille good luck #
  • 13:56 @flamesprite ah. Right. I don't even rate an I'm sorry I hurt your feelings? #
  • 13:59 @bauhaus_maus me too. #
  • 14:08 @flamesprite you assume I approve her blogs? Or that "the discussion continues" signifies unconditional approval of each sentence? #
  • 14:22 @flamesprite when the obscene hate tweets started coming in because I was Amanda's fiancĂ© and before I had said anything I recused myself... #
  • 16:21 @flamesprite I thought the initial reservations expressed on the forum about the Spin article were well-thought and expressed. #
  • 16:23 @flamesprite I am not convinced they apply to the album (which I have heard), and none of us have seen the stage show yet. #
  • 16:27 @flamesprite I long ago learned not to criticise, praise or decry art I have not seen. I had hopes for dialogue. #
  • 17:10 @ThatKevinSmith join it? Kevin, I send out invitations to our annual 'Curses! How I nearly rid the world of @thatkevinsmith' Club dinners. #
  • 17:29 @flamesprite Agreed. I was pleased the backstory blog was deleted. Not a big fan of the Spin article. I like the CD and await the stageshow #
  • 17:30 @flamesprite if it had been criticising, I wouldn't have minded. I'm thickskinned. I objected to the obscenity, death threats, the ... #
  • 17:32 @flamesprite ...& most of all, the ones who seemed to act as if she were my property & I just couldn't keep her in line. All out of order. #
  • 17:39 @brianjshoopman no idea yet I am afraid... #
  • 20:20 - Outside. Sold out. #
  • 20:25 - Signing a broadside by @stphjay and @theviolethour. Backstage. #
  • 20:28 @fromagefille wish I could but there are 1070 of you. #
  • 20:30 If you are at the Bama do not forget to write down questions. (Again, not all will be answered. But will do as many as I can.) #
  • 22:48 @HannaH_Ecchisan try and get backstage. Say he told me. #
  • 23:15 Thank you all at the Bama for such an amazing reception. Happy, exhausted author. You lot are wonderful. #
  • 23:15 @Dick21 yes. #
  • 01:15 @cooleychad I'm sorry -- I missed that tweet. The answer would have been yes. Apologies to your class. #
  • 01:16 @gotigermonk I deleted the tweet 15 mins after I put it up, a couple of days ago when people pointed out links. #
  • 01:23 @HannaH_Ecchisan absolutely. Contact @fablor for an address... #
  • 01:36 @flamesprite apologies accepted. Sorry I went off on you. You were a random last straw. #
  • 02:31 Right. Email done. Really cool movie and TV things starting to happen slowly, like icebergs breaking off a glacier. Goodnight all. #
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