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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Aggregate Twitterage

  • 22:25 Blog entry up: further postcards from Mr. G: posted by Dan Guy Mr. G writes from China, wishing m.. #
  • 23:22 Learning about the monkey temple that once stood here: #
  • 00:23 Twitter only possible on MyTouch with twidroid. Otherwise firewalled. May upload a few photos but normal service ten #
  • 00:26 bugger. Normal service ten days away, when I get to Singapore. (Waves happily and goes away again.) #
  • 01:47 Eaten all at banquet except dog and cicada. Can still stand despite drink game. #
  • 01:51 Trying again #
  • 01:51 @hollyherself ditto darling. Very much. #
  • 01:55 @lalahwu I am already in china and am not carrying any books I am afraid. #
  • 02:02 was wrong. Food keeps coming. O god #
  • 02:33 The whole ganbei thing's dangerous. Tell @maddyg44 I loved her. Ditto @hollyherself & @Amandapalmer bit drunk #
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