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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Aggregate Twitterage

  • 06:31 @shiprab one day I'll get to India. #
  • 06:35 @Wossy Ow. Give Honey my love. #
  • 06:38 I don't like being awake at 5.36 am even more than I didn't like it at 4:36. The latter still held the slim possibility of further sleep. #
  • 06:59 @forrestp14 no, they've changed it so that option has vanished. #
  • 07:00 Oh well. The magic of Transatlantic flight. Body-clock still on UK time. Sigh. #
  • 07:03 And for all of you writing to tell me the seeing replies to others is still in the settings options, it was removed yesterday. #fixreplies #
  • 07:10 Have been told my twitter following is the size of the population of Iceland AND Greenland. May go to Iceland in 2010 to celebrate this. #
  • 07:12 @James_Riley It was an option. Some people like it. You still see all replies if you go to the person's twitter page: is that spying? #
  • 07:23 @Sooooshi Here you go: Hope it helps. #
  • 07:55 @tombness I do reply sometimes. But the glory of Twitter is it's only when I want to. #
  • 08:04 @tw33tg33k quote and RT away. #
  • 08:34 @kevinjholmes I did that. Woke up at 4.00 am. #
  • 09:27 @OrnIngvar twice now, but only for a day each time. #
  • 10:40 25 years ago I met and interviewed Harry Harrison. He was wonderful, brilliant and cranky then and, as Kyle shows, now: #
  • 10:40 @thestephmerritt honestly depends on the 7 year old. But it would probably be fine. #
  • 10:43 @homemqueviveu2x I am; and @therealToriAmos is a dandelion... #
  • 10:46 RT (Montreal the day after Worldcon!) @therealtoriamos: Tori Amos Sinful Attraction Tour US dates announced at #
  • 10:53 RT more on #fixreplies @cleolinda: RT @stephenfry: "..the new, stupid changes Twitter has made " #
  • 11:08 @aisfornala but that forces everybody to read them. Previously you could opt in or out, decide yourself what was signal or noise #fixreplies #
  • 11:26 Sigh: @andrewg616 before, the option to see someone else's replies was something you could turn on or turn off. Now it's only ever off. #
  • 14:37 @jjloa you're welcome. Hope it sorts out easily. #
  • 16:27 @RhondaParrish it's in both M is for Magic and Fragile Things. #
  • 17:33 Stephin Merritt talks about Coraline Musical and such to Vanity Fair: #
  • 17:51 @lauraklotz yup #
  • 17:53 @megcabot hurrah! xxx #4 #
  • 19:31 @andrewg616 apologies, although they might have been responding to the tone and words of your original message as well. #
  • 19:31 @ManMadeMoon me neither, but I think that ship has sailed... #
  • 19:37 Discovered that the problems with the very slow internet earlier today was due to a colony of ants nesting in the new router. Surreal & true #
  • 21:12 @MrBillyBones yay. Book and DVD waiting for me when I got home from my travels! #
  • 22:03 Radio 3 ARTS podcast. They interviewed me about CORALINE and writing and things It should be up for another 5 days. #
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