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Friday, January 28, 2011

From Twitter 01-28-2011

@jacwabbit you are welcome!
@melissasavage I like them.
In LAX on my way home. In five hours I will be with my dogs in my house in the snow. Australia is becoming fictional again.
@romuloyaron nope. Minneapolis area.
@daphatkat my favourite place tends to be where @amandapalmer is.
@eurydice42 you have a great imagination.
@KaH_was_taken I'll be back. Already hatching plots.
@KaH_was_taken looks amazing!
@combiscoitinhos I have two. But they are not waiting for me.
@WoodsmanHans he always seems to know...
@romuloyaron 92.
@amandapalmer I miss you. Love you. Live you.
@fablor will it be Cabal? Because he does not understand letting the tea steep.
@evahopkins than good has come from the separation of @amandapalmer & I. As long as your sweetie liked being hugged & is not chained up.
RT @KuroshTweets: Everything ██is█████ ████ ████fine ███ █ ████ love. ████ █████ the ███ Egypt ███ ████ government ██ #jan25 #Egypt #cen ...
RT @leanoir: Wow. This is a fairly comprehensive, totally understandable explanation of what's happening in Egypt, and why: http://bit.l ...
RT @pfoinkle: @neilhimself "what's happening in Egypt" link is not the original and does not include updates: MOJO ...
@DaynaR it's Mother Jones on my computer:
On the plane home. With internet. Email work is getting done, now, but the very silly short short story I was scribbling is not. Bugger.
@MARIADAHVANA I'm halfway into your book. You're really good. I kept feeling proud of you & then remembering I had nothing to do with it.
@am_klaafe yup.
@russellfranks we just keep flying....
@am_klaafe It'll still come out one day.
@MARIADAHVANA I'm so glad. Looking forward to getting back to it.
No more email and twitter. Back to silly Benefit Book story.
@AletheaKontis I really hope it's silly. It's meant to be silly, anyway. Brilliant and poignant can wait till tomorrow.
Plane Landed. Short story (silly) completed. Think I will sleep in the car on the way home.
@ArmisteadMaupin thank you! I wanted to leave you a welcome to opera house note, but couldn't figure out the logistics.
Waiting for bag. Soon I will get into car. Greet assistant (driving) & dogs. Then sleep like an author who has been traveling for 22 hours.
@theJBRU no, I finished it.
@black_bile I hope not. Daughter should be at school.
@Johnny_Pistols it is called Queen of Kings and is not yet published.
I am home. It's not too cold yet. The dogs seem happy to see me.
I've been loving the "5 Things I learned at Clarion" posts. Now @ferretthimself has started to collect them...,
Now listening to: @thejaargument at (favourite songs: Bad Wine & Lemon Cake, The Debt Collectors).
@alexantra China is brilliant, prolific and beautiful. Also he is nice. If he was not nice the rest of us would have to gang up & kill him.
@warrenellis Yeah. But when was the last time you actually killed an editor and ate his fleshy bits? They forget so easily.
@pamela_ho Yes. But they are in their hives for the winter.
@xxooLisaR no< i should be trying to stay awake as late as I can tonight. at least until 10:00pm...
@dominicpink I think that @amandapalmer promised Auckland @jasonwebley
For the record, the best "I really want to be a zombie" song I've heard in weeks is Y Lime?'s "Zombies" on #soyouknow
@greenkitsune NOTHING is, or will be, as good as @jonathancoulton's Re:Your Brains. Are you proposing a complete moratorium on Zombie songs?
RT (The genre grows) @bates_jonathan: What about No More King's Zombie Me
@honeybunny6 Sandman was 2,500 pages. No smushing required.
@Kambrieldesign I like the Coraline buttons, I think.
Seeing it's come up, yes, obviously the best Zombie song in the history of Ever is @jonathancoulton's Re: Your Brains
Damn. We should have started a #zombiesongs hashtag. But if we had people would just start tweeting "Braindrops Keep Fallin On My Head' etc.
RT @KimBoekbinder: @neilhimself Just so happens that I wrote a #zombiesong the other day as a thank you to someone ...
RT @lasiren: I am selling a foamcore tombstone signed by @neilhimself! Details here:
RT @paulandstorm: [S] Me Ate Julio Down By the Schoolyard #zombiesongs
RT @paulandstorm: @neilhimself [P] That and "Eat Me in St. Louis" #zombiesongs
RT @T_Lawson: @neilhimself "Happiness is a Warm Lung" #zombiesongs
@theJAargument miss you both. Cuddle Amanda for me when next you see her.
@CodaQueen That sort of works, doesn't it?
RT @Widgett: @neilhimself: You Ain't Nothin' But a Houngan #zombiesongs #oldschoolzombie
RT @dxferris: #zombiesongs "Pulling Muscles From Michelle"
I worry that @4ndyman's Making Flans from Nigel is more #CannibalSongs than #zombieSongs. Do zombies make flans?Or do they shamble and chew?
@laurenisaguitar It's sort of where we came in, yes.
RT @kariexplainsit: @neilhimself #zombiesongs "Half-Eaten Jack"
RT @Kelly_McC: #zombiesongs "Born to Rot"
RT @RobTyrie: Take the last Brain to Clarksville #zombiesongs
RT @BrittMFoster: "Rainy Day Women 12 and 35 Were The Best of the 50 I Ate Today" #zombiesongs
@kapnkaty It started out as one, then it shambled and lurched to the other. Twitter. What can you do?
@V_NYC @jonathancoulton I do! see!/neilhimself/status/31175366647222273 for proof

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