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Saturday, December 18, 2010

From Twitter 12-18-2010

Went to the penultimate night of @BillCorbett's play. Wonderful fun. If you're in Minneapolis today (sat) see it:
@stevenmitchellw Chunder in the Old Pacific Sea... no, wait a minute...
@KaH_was_taken If I don't sign I'll make sure there's signed stuff for sale...
@Fleagull Patience. And I slept downstairs for months.
@amandajp They all sold, alas. You should try to persuade @neverwear to do a second edition.
@theLibrarianZee It's my favourite of all the shirts.
Tis the season to post a link to this memoir I did about wanting an Xmas Tree in the Independent.
Lovely radio show about enchantment and fairy tales with Salman Rushdie & Me, among others: (my bit is #HouseOnTheRock)
@amandapalmer Is that why it makes that ticking sound? #MapOfTasmania
Woke up with Nigel Stonier's song "Whole lot of Nothin Going on" running around free in my head. Tea. Porridge. Write.
@johncoulthart @hayleycampbelly DAMN YOU CRISWELL! #CRISWELLPREDICTS
@birdchick No, Sharon. You didn't laugh that loudly at the penis jokes. Just the massage parlour joke.
@limebat It was a massage parlour joke. And hoo, you should have heard her...
@thestephmerritt It's been growing on me slowly. I think it's becoming my favourite of his albums...
@kingoftherhoads none.
RT @karamelicious: @neilhimself Could you please retweet? a small abused kitten left to die in the cold needs your help: http://tinyurl. ...
@karamelicious done
RT What she said. @MARIADAHVANA: Farewell, #DADT idiocy! About damn time, USA. Yay for gay soldiers and everyone else too!
@karamelicious I think the problem is that the link is a facebook page. If the info is somewhere else you can spread it more widely.
@dontfuckingmove I do not know. Are they not answering emails?
Embarrassed that I have completely forgotten who sent me these cold-air masks: But they are brilliant. #ForColdPlaces
@CastNuri yup.
Bit of a #Neilwebfail there. Sorry. Mirrored it People in cold places should be able to click on now without breaking it.
Big thank you to all the people who said nice things about my Xmas Tree/Hanukkah article from the Independent #MerryTov
@geetadayal The Pixies is as metal as I go, I'm afraid.
@Urrealism my love to the smaller Mrs Gaiman.
@librarythingtim god yes.
@Urrealism Have you shown her the travelling $20 photos yet? It will teach her all about geography and economics.

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