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Friday, November 26, 2010

From Twitter 11-26-2010

@Punkrocdoc Nobody's really eaten Goose in the UK at Xmas since Scrooge's day. Except for dramatic effect. @EFAmericana @belassiter
@Leftlung Maybe. But the fact I'd lost a wholse story because of a continuity change they'd done while I was writing it soured me on them.
@geoffnotkin Lovely! But you forgot The Adverts.
RT @Mitholas: Kickstarter project for film based on @neilhimself's "The Price". Only 4 days left 4 $50.000! Please RT!
@Kinravip you are welcome...
Amanda & her sister have gone off to their traditional family ladies postThanksgiving brunch. I'm settling down with a script & a pencil.
RT @scifri: Black Friday Doorbuster Special - 2-3pm ET only!!! Highlights of the 2010 Ig Nobel Awards on @scifri
If you're doing your Black Friday Shopping, and are wondering what to go out & buy, here are 444 things you might want
@23andMe I keep meaning to do one -- my son @Mgaiman did and I thought the results were fascinating.
RT @octaviabooks: @neilhimself Or if you want to be part of your community go indie
@KatjaKat Mostly since the "I follow you on twitter, what do I buy by you and where do I start?" tweets started coming in.
A great Gene Wolfe interview at
@amurana where was this?
@bybenjamin I'm so sorry.
@FrankZok on paper with a pen.
@kristianleth I did too, the first time I tried it. Just start at the beginning again.
Final Days: TELL EVERYONE. It's 3/4 funded: Contribute & RT
Had a fascinating Thanksgiving conversation about life expectancy with Amanda's family last night. Wish I'd read first.
@amurana I hope he at least wrote a letter to complain about the officer in question being a bit mad.

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