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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

From Twitter 10-11-2010

Today I'm in a @CBLDF board of directors planning meeting. It will be more interesting than it sounds.
RT Hurrah @Pazozo: @neilhimself Matt Smith has some nice words to say about you on digitalspy!
@krisdalpiaz looking forward to your tweet to retweet today...
@birdchick three years of blue ribbons. How mad am I now?
RT @krisdalpiaz: His hammer stolen, Thor hunted the thief: Hercules. And then what happened?
The @krisdalpiaz RT is because he won the twitchange Haitian charity auction. Go and check him out.
@Urrealism agreed!
@briolson I think the shoes represent graphic novels.
I am doodling during the board meeting. But it is still fascinating. (Why only 85% of Aliens? I do not know.)
@AlmightyHoogs yup.
The doodling continues. It's a weasel in boots.
@Vixxenkiss I know.
RT yes! @Totalogic: - Science suggests doodling during meetings increases retention:
@dogeatdoug can it have weasels in?
@AndiMN it is called black cherry.
@lauriepink glorious!
@MitchBenn stolen from the Mekon.
Uh oh. I am now doodling page 2. Perhaps the dinosaur is wearing a hat.
@PeteBottomley really well.
@Feuercrux cool! What did they say?
@chrystalml very neat.
I've now started doodling on menus. It's a really productive meeting, oddly enough.
@Campion7 good idea!
Not a new doodle but the view of one side of the @CBLDF meeting
@EleanorJustice there are!
@SkullJuggler that was Geoff Notkin from Meteorite Men.
@jeskalee planning ahead.
I just gave the doodles to @CBLDF. Charles and co can eBay them or otherwise use them for good...
@krisdalpiaz thanks for supporting a good cause.
RT @worldwidecox: @neilhimself tweeting at @CBLDF meeting:
@EllenKushner you are welcome.
RT @pbskids: @marygaughan The Arthur episode featuring @neilhimself airs on Oct. 25 and following days. It's a great episode!! @pbskids
RT of course @BloodyWilliam: would you retweet #STR8againstH8 to yr followers in support of the LGBT community for national coming out day?

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