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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Aggregate Twitterage

  • 11:26 @cottonandice no, @Paul_Cornell needs to query either @maddyg44 or @hollyherself, whose lectures on "Oh Snap!" usage have been invaluable. #
  • 11:42 The humidity is 94%. The air conditioning died in half the house. Deerflies descend in clusters when I walk the dog. #EvilMidWesternSummer #
  • 11:43 @maureenjohnson Where did I put that thing? The one I put down. That I do not know where it is. I had it just a moment ago, didn't I? #
  • 18:56 The mysterious @lklinger talks about the Annotated Sandman project at #
  • 18:58 @CTotzDiamond You don't seem to prefer them to what? Or do you mean you don't like them? Either way, no. You like what you like. #
  • 19:01 RT good! @hanshaw: @neilhimself local Boy Scout has started a petition to bring back the merit badge for beekeeping. #
  • 19:06 @GMartinFiction link didn't work... #
  • 19:08 @EllenKushner for one horrible moment I found myself imagining sidewalks that pee on you in the NY summer... #
  • 19:09 @maureenjohnson I will wait untilt he new cybernetic brain finishes booting #whatthedogknows #
  • 19:20 GAH! This made me smile delightedly - AMERICAN GODS tops a list of Uniquely American SF/Fantasy books: #1b1t #
  • 19:22 @Russ_Graves try DreamHaven books in Minneapolis. I stop off there every so often and sign stuff. #
  • 19:23 @darkstaff amazing! #
  • 19:24 @12minds yup. Did you see the amazing reply? #
  • 19:26 A postscript to the FOX CHICAGO NEWS "Do we need libraries?" faux news story. Library commissioner Mary Dempsey says: #
  • 19:34 @SeanMcGuire92 It is about 500 pages long. #
  • 19:55 @GMartinFiction will do. It's a mobile link, I think. #
  • 19:57 It's the ALA 2010 Ist Place Book Cart Drill Team with a GRaveyard Book inspired piece: (wonderful!) #
  • 20:00 @jptacek The Annotated Sandman books'll be very different to Sandman. And that'll be it until the Feelie InMind Sandman Rerelease of 2025. #
  • 20:00 @chloeware Nope. She's a rescue dog. #
  • 20:07 @kevinmkarch Did you read the original news story? #
  • 20:24 @kevinmkarch Oh. I thought it was a faux news story - ie not a real one. What did you think I meant? #
  • 20:29 Maggie Thompson's been blogging the recent McFarlane hearing-- th is was the most unlikely bit of my cross-examination: #
  • 20:53 Sorry. Lots of people asking what the McFarlane legal case is about. Here you go: #
  • 20:54 @timobedlam by a couple of days, yes... #
  • 21:45 @CTotzDiamond good luck! #
  • 21:46 @kevinmkarch no. I'd already stated that it was Fox news Chicago. I was pointing out it was not actually a story. #
  • 21:47 @catvalente Do they not have dictionaries? #
  • 00:21 @StoneRosey good luck! #
  • 00:45 Wonderful evening with daughters on sofa. I got to read aloud to them for hours and they laughed in all the right places. Happiness. #
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