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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Aggregate Twitterage

  • 10:59 RT @bengoldacre: Sites that ban you from linking to them: in 2010 #
  • 11:43 I keep wondering how you "register as a foreign agent" in the US. Are there online forms to fill out? #allegedNJcrapRussianspyring. #
  • 12:10 RT @roganhamby: In SC there's a form to fill out if you want to overthrow the government and $5 filing fee. Tragically, not a joke. #
  • 12:13 RT but there's no box you can fill in your "license to kill" status @futuraprime: Yes, there are. #
  • 12:15 RT PERFECT! @T_Lawson: Here ya go - #
  • 12:29 I want to point out anything Retweeted here is caveat emptor. You follow the links & takes your choice. Secret agents, SC filing fee & all. #
  • 12:35 RT she's right, of course @Suw: surely that should be 'caveat tweetor'? #
  • 12:49 RT @_otis_: A little background on SC's Subversive Agent Registration form. #
  • 12:50 @mikalat Possibly. I don't remember. #
  • 12:50 @KurtBusiek i think Caveat Clickor should have his own series. #
  • 12:59 @wilw He really is. #
  • 13:06 I just found it. The South Carolina SUBVERSIVE ACTIVITIES REGISTRATION ACT. Oh god it's true. #
  • 13:07 @KatWithSword and you'd let your license to kill expire, wouldn't you? #
  • 13:24 @gavroche according to that first link I RTd SC talked about repealing it in 1976 & again last year. Yet they didn't. Thus now we mock them. #
  • 13:28 In London Urban Foxes attack small children. In the US @foxnews Attacks Libraries . Coincidence? You be the judge. #
  • 13:30 @mattsaari It must be true. I am glad they have finally figured out he is called "The Doctor" because he goes around curing plagues. Hurrah. #
  • 15:23 RT really cool @mgfarrelly: This is wonderful site detailing the massive return on investment public libraries provide. #
  • 15:40 @mgaiman it's also weird watching the Googlevoice SMS txts come in over about an hour, 1st as emails, to my old phone then to my Nexus last. #
  • 16:16 @joe_hill it's like the death of Tinkerbell all over again. #
  • 16:34 Lola the puppy under the Cherry tree. #
  • 17:35 @ShadowTheMaster I hope it does. #
  • 21:49 Another Lola photo taken with the android Retro Camera ap. (Four different "cameras".) #
  • 22:21 @alexandrak I know, I know. I took a bunch in London last week. Sooner or later there will be enough to send you more film... #
  • 22:21 @qultng1 I think so. She's much more subdued without him. #
  • 22:57 Websites with Oil Spills? Really? #
  • 00:03 @vodou it is! #
  • 00:26 It is late at night. My daughter & friends are off seeing Eclipse. I am contemplating making another cherry crumble. #
  • < em>00:28 Oops. Wrong birdchick blog link. I'd meant to link to this one from last year, which is all cherry tree and birds. #
  • 00:33 @Metz77 how would I employ @birdchick? #
  • 01:01 @jaennutter #
  • 01:05 From the fuckyeahcabal tumblr site -- a Cabal + Lola slideshow, capturing her winning ways and him being unimpressed #
  • 01:29 LIstening to the girls' post mortem on Eclipse (mostly thumbs down), while waiting for the ch erry crumble to come out of the oven. #
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