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Monday, March 8, 2010

Aggregate Twitterage

  • 11:48 @peterstraubnyc I would quite like that. #
  • 12:57 The awesome (really) Yoshitaka Amano (Sandman DREAM HUNTERS) has an original art exhibition in on LA this week: #
  • 12:59 @SerenaAltschul my email is already filled with people saying it was better in 7 minutes than the New Yorker in 10,000 words. Well done! #
  • 13:00 @devancoggan it might be true... #
  • 13:00 @xoxoroo I like that. Ge neration gaiman... #
  • 13:46 @vampandora I don't THINK there are any scary clowns. There's a scary statue of a jack in a box by Lisa Snellings though. #
  • 13:46 RT easy. @lauriepink: Hello Neil - Stardust is on at 8pm on Channel 4 tonight, if you'd like to tell all your Uk friends #
  • 14:13 @izzie_d Tell the publishers you want to read more.... #
  • 15:12 @vampandora left over from Hallowe'en, when they made it. #
  • 15:15 Feeling so odd. My dad di ed a year ago today. In a minute I'll get into Oscar clothes. Wish I was walking my dog, or with my kids instead. #
  • 15:16 @AIannucci good luck! #
  • 15:17 @CarolChristo Alas, the tickets are named and you'd need photo ID. #
  • 15:18 @bethofalltrades thank you, Beth. It made me smile a year ago when nothing else could have done. #
  • 15:18 @AFPisLOVE no. Only one ticket available, so it is just me. #
  • < em>15:27 @KawaiiGayJon I'm two thousand miles away from them. Not really a choice right now. #
  • 15:28 @AlphaGirlPro not really. They frown on going to the Oscars in the nude. #
  • 17:05 @AriumJL and we liked meeting you, Jamie. Well, I did. I cannot speak for @edgarwright. #
  • 17:07 Writing a blog, and about to change into my posh frock. Here's Al Davidson's beautiful illustrational dream journal #
  • 17:17 @joe_hill lor' bless you, Mister Hill. #
  • 18:08 Huge crash of thunder and the rain began. Suddenly I cheered up a smidge. #oscars #
  • 18:10 here is me in @Kambrieldesign thingie #
  • 18:25 LOOK! NEW BLOG ENTRY From a very nice hotel room in Hollywood, with love and melancholy: posted... WARNING:Contains me #
  • 18:39 wearing the Kambrieldesign jacket. It makes me look thin. Pockets filled with phones & notebooks. #
  • 19:39 - The view. #
  • 19:41 - View 2 #
  • 19:42 @amandapalmer wish you were here. More than I can say. #
  • 19:53 Have just discovered my facial recognition skills break down if people are in tuxedos. We are milling around waiting to go to seats. #
  • 20:20 I am up on the mezzanine level. There are lots of ladies with scary-sweet plastic surgery faces and elderly husbands up here. #
  • 20:30 It starts in 30 seconds. Eek. #
  • 20:44 This is strange. It's like very slow cargo-cult stand-up comedy. I wonder how it's playing on TV. #
  • 20:57 Cargo cult. Like radios and planes built out of bamboo. It looks like the thing but it's empty inside and doesn't fly or work. #
  • 20:57 I wrote this bit. #
  • 21:05 @CarolChristo you have to ask @amandapalmer I'm afraid. #
  • 21:07 @joemagiv why? #
  • 21:17 Honestly. No commiserations. We all kn ew Up would win. Just glad we were nominated. #
  • 21:26 I wish we also had a screen and could also see what you're seeing at home (as at the Golden Globes). This is a bit odd. #
  • 21:42 We *do* see the clips from films on the big rear screen and two smaller screens, one on each side. And silent commercials. #
  • 21:45 @oytun_D actually it's making this evening a lot more fun. #
  • 21:48 Next commercial break I plan to hunt for the bar. Also I love Rachel's dress and accidentally trod on it on the Red Carpet #
  • 21:53 Maddy just texted to tell me that Carey Mulligan from An Education was Sally Sparrow in Dr Who episode Blink. #ilovemydaughter #
  • 22:14 - The mezzanine bar. A bit dark... #
  • 22:39 If you are on the mezzanine the downstairs bar and toilets are off limits. I am however allowed to visit the floor above bar. Revolution now #
  • 22:42 Enjoying Dr Whisky. Also Dr This Big Wolfgang Puck Brownie Is Just Pure Sugar. Will incite fellow mezzaninies to storm downstairs en masse. #
  • 22:51 The champagne is free. Everything else is a pay bar. They sell snacks & Bento boxes & we are allowed in or out during ad break s. #
  • 22:57 @fablor now more than ever. #
  • 22:58 @amandapalmer I love you. No. #
  • 23:04 - The bar drinks/menu. A bit dark but a flash could mean trouble... #
  • 23:07 RT: alumiere: @neilhimself Your red carpet #
  • 23:09 That was not a shortened link. Not even a little bit shortened. #
  • 23:18 Now people are wandering and schmoozing in ad breaks, so the loudspeaker orders are to clear the aisles and return to seats when it restarts #
  • 23:18 @CarolChristo will do! #
  • 23:23 Also they play soft rock during Oscar commercials. Apparently Roxanne does not have to put on the red light tonight, good news for all of us #
  • 23:27 And the disembodied lady is getting shouty when people aren't getting back to their seats fast enough. #
  • 23:29 @maxicoop it's definitely all still there I am glad to say. #
  • 23:49 Oh. The Guy in the bar who looked a bit like Sean Penn was actually Sean Penn. Strewth. #
  • 23:52 Jeff Bridges' standing ovation reached the mezzanines. Sandra Bullock's was only on the ground floor. Interesting. I like her speech better. #
  • 00:03 If anyone here at the Kodak wants to grumble in person that I am twittering too much, I will be at table 450 at the governor's ball. #
  • 00:50 Nexus just died. Twittering by text. At governor's ball with @michaelsheen and his daughter lily who may inherit maddyg44's archie comics. #
  • 01:58 The beautiful people shiver while they wait for their limos. And so do i. #
  • 03:44 Skipped all the parties and am sitting in the chateau marmont lobby with @hodgman talking about anarchist publishing. It's good. #
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