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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Aggregate Twitterage

  • 04:52 @mbdrake So glad you liked it, Martyn. Happy New Year... #
  • 10:39 @ianydirt check out Fritz Leiber's Spacetime for Springers. #
  • 12:23 RT (love the illo, & for those who do not know the story)@IreneGallo: I, Cthulhu by @neilhimself with Brian Elig illo: #
  • 12:42 For those in Boston: link to info on discount to the Boston Pops/Amanda Palmer New Year's eve extravaganza #
  • 12:59 @Muldercomic< /a> depends on the violence and the comics. #
  • 02:24 @CourtneyLoveUK ah, I'm English and @wossy and I have known each other for 23 years, so you can absolutely be his pet yank. Um. #
  • 02:24 @Kaylotta it works for me! #
  • 02:27 A scary drive through ice & snow culminated in getting to our Scottish airport, checking in, & then being told the airport was snowclosed. #
  • 02:29 Have missed all connections via Amsterdam, so will fly to Gatwick, Heathrow to Boston and get in late. A long day just got much longer. #
  • 02:54 @CourtneyLoveUK I've lived in the US for 18 yrs and turn up on lots of lists of American Authors, so do not worry about it. #
  • 02:55 @Davidkevin I have a son doing the same trip, so I think we will split an expensive taxi ride and it won't be as expensive. #
  • 02:57 @goode262 no. But I should be writing one not reading one... #
  • 03:16 RT @Paul_Cornell: Shakespeare fandom, 1601: 'It was so racist! Or was it just a COINCIDENCE that EVERYONE who died was DANISH???!' #fb #
  • 03:17 @< a href="">fabulouslorrain I have faith in you. #
  • 03:27 "The airport is still snowclosed. Next information may be given at 9:30" I wish I hadn't only slept for 2 hours & driven through the night. #
  • 03:36 @Neko_Anastasia they won't take off in the snow, even for me. #
  • 03:43 @ivyratafia Happy Birthday, Ivy. #
  • 04:02 According to the met weather site, this snow alert goes until at least 10. I suspect the 9:30 airport news update will be no news or planes. #
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