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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Aggregate Twitterage

  • 08:49 @timminchin "the poor man's" because we poor folk cannot afford music-free humour and have to take our comedy how it comes. #
  • 08:55 @Marjorie73 personal, I am afraid. I will eat Turkey and open presents. #
  • 08:56 @mbdrake a copy is sitting on the table beside me, and I cannot watch it until Maddy comes home from school tonight. #
  • 09:47 RT @cigamerisedi: @neilhimself Did you see this grown up Coraline sketch by Adam Hughes?? Incredible! #
  • 09:48 @Valkyrie_NYC soonish, I think. There will be one anyway, Claudia Gonson says. #
  • 13:35 @lomawood right #
  • 13:35 @lomawood well, technically Watson was the killer. #
  • 13:36 @LizaPotts the slash continuum embraces all. #
  • 13:36 @Valkyrie_NYC Maddy saw it a couple of months ago in NY and loved it. I wonder if she knew that was Jane. #
  • < em>14:31 @danguyf was that you? The Jews' harp, the shaker shaker eggs and the spoons? #
  • 14:49 Blog entry up: Revealed! The Rulers of the Darkness of This World: posted by Neil So about 40 bookshops had Gravey... #
  • 15:29 @danguyf I will.. learn to play the egg and spoons... #
  • 15:30 @Maudelynn bee-day. YOU WERE MAKING A JOKE ALL THE TIME. Also, 1939 was a very good year for beekeeping. Thank you. #
  • 16:38 @MrBillyBones is it working okay now? #
  • 16:51 If you're having problems getting the blog entry for today (in which my evil is proven) to load here's the LJ feed link: #
  • 17:13 @realtomg a;as, no. I wish I could, but stories don't write themselves. #
  • 17:50 @houseofprince never. #
  • 18:00 @TheBloggess have you got a date for the funeral service yet, so I can get it in the calendar? #
  • 20:13 @KatArt i know that. #
  • 20:24 As they say in the Arabian Nights, "If Allah wills it." That's certainly the plan. anyway. #
  • 20:4 3 @almojadidi @Negro_Joe I know. But I didn't assume the person I was tweeting did. #
  • 20:43 @PanicBooks check my blog where all is explained. #
  • 20:49 Right. Maddy and I are settling down to watch the DR Who special THE WATERS OF MARS now. Do not disturb. Or send spoilers. #
  • 22:03 RT the ultimate all-purpose spoiler, really @doktordee: rosebud was his tardis. #
  • 22:05 Much better than the last one. Really looking forward to the final two specials. Nice to see a Doctor prepare to leave the stage well. #
  • 22:09 @Milo1313 but you would be wrong. I have a shady and mysterious Dr Who Dealer, and salve my conscience by buying DVD sets for friends. #
  • 22:18 @4evermore not unless you count Peter cushing. #
  • 22:29 @ayeletw you are Good Parents, Ayelet. Having seen the drum kit in your lounge, you may be the Best Parents Ever. #
  • 22:30 @PaganBarista it could be worse. You could be the Todd McFarlane of Neil Gaiman slash fiction. #
  • 22:30 @Entity001 I trust Moffat utterly. #
  • 22:31 @juliangough I think life would be easier if there were sofas to hide behind, sometimes. #
  • 22:32 @foresthouse you're welcome. I was about to roll up my sleeves and write and then saw you'd done all the work for me already. #
  • 22:49 @juliangough "I understand the importance of this trial, m'lud. I just want to watch it from behind my sofa which I have with me." #
  • 22:59 @foresthouse I recommend The Juniper Tree. Or Hansel and Gretel. #
  • 23:11 @foresthouse forwarded it to Charles B and Miss Kendra too. #
  • 23:20 @amandapalmer wish I could be there. #
  • 23:43 @sxipshirey Nope. Still David Tennant until the end of the year. #
  • 23:46 Pondering changing my Twitter icon to this, a gift from a young lady in Singapore; #
  • 23:49 @barrylyga my assistant looked puzzled when GGR arrived from Amazon. She hit the tub of books & moments later handed me the copy from you. #
  • 23:55 @rikibeth the hair #
  • 00:15 @barrylyga I can regift the one I bought, so all is not lost. #
  • 00:16 Right. New Icon in place. Truthfully, it may be too small, and may not last long. But it makes me smile. #
  • 00:37 @kbeilz I once told Diana WJ that Chrestomanci reminded me of Psmith. She said, "Possibly, but in Lives of C Chant, he was based on you." #
  • 00:38 @cherylcolan that was very like my first attempt, and it was just too small. #
  • 00:40 @AtlantaJones dec #
  • 00:40 @vzin right #
  • 00:48 Oh. Dear Twitter, I don't like the clever new way of Retweeting that means you can't comment or explain as you retweet. #
  • 01:00 @trainerr is there a website/ news site? #
  • 02:13 @briolson give them my love. #
  • 02:17 Yes, everyone-who-wrote. I DO understand I can RT the oldfashioned way, or Tweeetdeck etc. I'm just saying: not a fan of the new Twitter RT. #
  • 02:19 Happy Birthday for yesterday @wossy. It was him what sucked me into the madness of Twitter, and he will always be a week younger than me. #
  • 02:21 And Happy Birthday to Alan Moore, Grand Wizard of Englandshire, famed ballroom dancer and classic beauty. He only twitters with his brain. #
  • 02:23 @Tahrialah it is a Beta rollout and does not yet do it for everyone. #
  • 02:25 @briolson just don't do that rhythmic naked hugging thing, and you'll be fine. #
  • 02:52 YouTube Treasures: Punkpoet John Cooper Clarke's sort-of-song "I don't want to be nice" on OGWT 78 Instant happiness #
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