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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Aggregate Twitterage

  • 09:36 Lots of complaints from people that they aren't receiving my tweets for mysterious reasons. Best bet is to unfollow then re-follow me. #
  • 09:46 @TrishaBabbitt got it. I'd not got the previous tweet about not receiving the feed. #
  • 09:51 Saddened that fans would steal Amanda's Ukelele-and-case after the gig last night . How can you call yourself a fan and do that? #
  • 09:53 @OhBlee wish he'd told me or Amanda. He can email #
  • 09:56 @aisfornala it was good meeti ng you! I can't wait to hear her play the mandolin. #
  • 10:03 @Cfrooney they may still have some at Books of WOnder in NY or Dreamhaven in Minneapolis. #
  • 10:05 Reminder: I'll be Hamburg at the literary festival reading from Graveyard Book and signing on Friday Night: #
  • 10:09 Also I'll be with @amandapalmer in Berlin on Thursday: Her gig, but I may sign with her after, to keep her company: #
  • 10:27 Why I love Josh Olsen. He puts it so well: #
  • 10:37 @suddenfiction what did they look like? #
  • 10:37 RT @bethofalltrades: if you took @amandapalmer's ukulel and are now feeling guilty, email beth at and let's fix it. #
  • 10:45 @Room237 contact my assistant, @fabulouslorrain #
  • 11:06 @EricOrchard how would you feel about asking a lawyer for free legal advice? Or an artist for a free painting? #
  • 11:06 @ZedBiscuit thank you! #
  • 11:10 @JenMath I think I'm for discouragement. If you can be discouraged, you shouldn't be writing. The writers will do it anyway. #
  • 11:24 @EricOrchard handing out a comic is a gift. Asking someone to read a script/treatment/unpublished novel and offer critique is different. #
  • 11:53 @JenMath if you become a published writer, you will be reviewed. It will be worse than anything your friends can say. #
  • 15:44 RT yay @amandapalmer: SUCCESS! ukulele thief has plead drunkguiltiness, mailed beth, & is bringing me back my little friend! thank you guys! #
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