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Friday, June 19, 2009

Aggregate Twitterage

  • 10:23 RT great pix too @birdchick: last Sunday's bee inspection, complete with haiku & @neilhimself explaining larvae #
  • 11:36 @olavia not this year. But maybe in 2010 or 2011. #
  • 11:39 @CaptianRobert No, but I keep meaning to, as Abney Park was one of the inspirations for The Graveyard Book & I find you whenever I google it #
  • 11:46 @SaraJBenincasa as a comedienne, you will need the aid of Thalia, muse of comedy. She is bribable with booze. (Her sisters not so much.) #
  • 11:48 @eun_hye1 Michael Emerson played The narrator in Murder Mysteries and narrated The Monarch of the Glenn. We met, yes. #
  • 11:52 @Pelianth I will check them out. Like I say, I've been meaning to for ages. #
  • 12:15 I do love the opening screens at (and not just for the one about me) #
  • 22:24 @CaptianRobert already ordered on Amazon. Great video. Thanks... #
  • 22:33 @Drakhanas it's a fan site, essentially, yes. #
  • 22:34 @TabataShou It's like asking for my favourite child. I love them all in their own ways. #
  • 22:46 My assistant @fabulouslorrain was carrying a tipjar around today. (I put money in.) She is cat-rescuing: #
  • 22:50 A Retweetable version of the @fabulouslorrain cat-tip-jar-link is (sorry). #
  • 22:54 Trying to decide if the oddest bit of today was kayacking for exercise, the bee in the hair incident, or photographing zombie arms. #
  • 23:19 @anneloup he did! he did! #
  • 23:57 @Crash7800 Goldie Tattoo! Lovely. #
  • 23:58 @midnightpages sure. #
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